Is Morocco open to tourism?

  1. The situation of covid in Morocco
  2. Morocco is open to tourism, what is the protocol?
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After two months of closure, Morocco must open its borders to tourism on February 7, 2022. For the occasion, the government has drawn up a new protocol published on Tuesday, February 1. At the moment, people entering Morocco by plane must present a valid vaccination card (the European vaccination card is recognized in Morocco) and the negative result of a PCR test carried out less than 48 hours before boarding. Get in contact with us for more information.

In Morocco, the tourism sector had to take to the streets for the government to open the borders.

The situation of covid in Morocco

Since mid-March, the covid epidemic in Morocco no longer exceeds 100 cases per day.

A decrease that suggests a reduction in sanitary measures, at least that is what the local press believes. Thanks to the diplomatic warm-up with Spain, the Kingdom has decided to reopen maritime links with the continent.

"Following the declaration of the immediate and progressive re-establishment of the operation of passenger transport by sea, shipping companies operating lines serving the Moroccan ports of Tangier Med, Tangier city, Nador and Alhucemas are invited to resume their activities. ». By the Ministry of Transport.

For the occasion, and although the protocol provided for the presentation of a valid vaccination card and a PCR test of less than 48 hours on boarding, the measures have been temporarily lightened by the Moroccan Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

According to the Medias24 website and the guidelines issued by the Minister, travelers entering the Kingdom by sea must present a vaccination pass or a negative PCR test result less than 72 hours in advance.

Especially since the health situation due to covid has improved considerably in recent weeks.

Confirmation should arrive soon, although the Moroccan government could wait to assess the health situation, after the arrival of travelers via Spanish ferries.

It should be noted that on Monday, April 11, only 22 new cases of co-video were detected, with 0 deaths. In addition, just over 6 million people have received the third dose, for a population of almost 37 million people.

Morocco is open to tourism, what is the protocol?

This relaxation of the covid protocol, which is intended to be temporary, is part of the desire to standardize the conditions of entry into Morocco, according to the ministry's note.

In the introduction, it is indicated "pending the adoption of a uniform health protocol for access to the national territory."

Thus, always according to the Moroccan media, it is "likely" that the reduction will become the general rule in the coming days to cross the borders.

If you are going to travel to Morocco soon, contact us!

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