How To Prepare Couscous With Orange and Mint


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2.1 Couscous with orange and mint
2.2 Lamb tagine with prunes
Moroccan kitchen
Moroccan cuisine is distinguished by its presentation of the most delicious meals and cooks, which have spread and reached many other Arab kitchens for their ease of preparation and distinguished taste from others, in addition to their excellent and pleasant smell, which often includes a bit of heartburn because they are famous for using pepper and chili in a very large percentage, and we will address the following are the most prominent recipes Cooking offered by Moroccan cuisine.

Moroccan cooking recipes couscous with orange and mint
the ingredients:

A cup and a half of couscous.
Three and a half tablespoons of olive oil.
One medium eggplant preferably cut into cubes.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste as you like
One head of onion, cut into cubes.
One medium carrot preferably cut into thin slices.
A cup and a half of raisins.
Three-quarters of a cup of orange juice.
a glass of water.
A quarter of a bunch of mints, and a few of its leaves for decoration.
Half a cup of vegetable soup.
Half a cup of yogurt.
A cup of spinach leaf.
Two tablespoons of toasted pine nuts.
How to prepare:

Heat the oil in a suitable frying pan, ensuring it is not sticky.
Add the eggplant and cook until it turns brown, flipping it more than once, seasoning it with pepper and salt, removing the pan from the fire, and setting it aside.
Add an amount of cumin and coriander, in addition to onion slices to the oil, and cook the ingredients together for five minutes until they become soft.
Mix couscous with raisins in a separate dish.
Mix orange juice with a quantity of water and put it at a high temperature, pour it over the couscous and cover it for five minutes, stir it well and add the mint.
Return the eggplant to the pan, put the onions and carrots with it, in addition to the soup, and cook them all for two minutes.
Fry the yogurt in the oil and add the spinach to it.
Divide the couscous on the set of plates, put the vegetables on top and serve.
Lamb tagine with prunes
the ingredients:

A kilogram of boneless lamb thigh.
A tablespoon of olive oil.
A head of onion, cut into slices.
Crushed cloves of garlic.
A tablespoon of ground cumin.
Two tablespoons of ginger powder.
Two teaspoons of paprika.
A cup of chicken or vegetable soup.
Cinnamon stick.
Three grains of cardamom.
Four hundred grams of sweet potatoes preferably cut into cubes.
One hundred and twenty-five grams of green beans, cut in half.
Five grains of plum cohesive.
A few leaves of coriander for garnish.
How to prepare:

Remove excess fat from the meat, and cut it into small pieces.
Grill the meat in an amount of oil.
Cook the onions in the same oil, but at a lower temperature.
Stir the paprika, ginger, garlic, and onion together.
Gradually add the soup, then the cardamom and cinnamon put the meat, and cover the pot.
Add the rest of the ingredients such as potatoes and beans and cook the ingredients together until they are completely cooked.
Garnish the dish with coriander.

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