Bread of MOLD of seeds. WITHOUT KNEADING

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  2. Bread of MOLD of seeds. WITHOUT KNEADING
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This seeded bread without kneading It is the ideal bread for lazy people or for beginners because you can have a spectacular bread without getting your hands dirty.

It is very worth it because the smell, texture and tenderness of its crumb is an extrasensory experience that I invite you to experience at home.

Homemade sliced ​​bread always!

It's been more than two years that no other enters my house mold tray than the one I make at home, I usually bake it one day a week and it comes to us for the daily toasts and for the occasional sandwich. I make it with good flours, little or nothing refined and I buy them in Galician mills, especially because in the order I always include Galician wheat which gives a tremendous flavor to the masses. I have realized the importance of bread in health because digestion is much better and since bread occupies a predominant place in the foods that we enjoy the most, I am not lazy and it compensates me a world to make it at home.

Once a recipe is mastered, you can begin to make small changes and try new recipes, with different types of flour, and see the results.

Check out this one-minute video for this homemade sliced ​​bread recipe.

sliced ​​bread with cheese and garlic

Bread of MOLD of seeds. WITHOUT KNEADING


Plato Breakfast

Kitchen baker

portions 25 approx slices

  • 300 gram of strong flour
  • 400 gram whole spelled
  • fifty gram of rye
  • 200 gram of sourdough well active look at FRABICONSEJO to do it WITHOUT sourdough
  • two gram fresh baker's yeast 1g dry yeast
  • 460 ml milk
  • 30 gram of honey sugar agave syrup
  • 60 gram Of olive oil
  • 12 gram hallway
  • 150 gram Seed paste: Grind 75 g of seed mix and 75 ml of water. I buy the seeds online, as a MIX OF SEEDS
  • 60 gram finely grated cured cheese
  • 3 Unit garlic Confit
  • for completion
  • two tablespoons of water to paint
  • a few grams of seeds to decorate
  • Put the garlic confit in a small cup and mix them with a little of the milk indicated for the recipe (a couple of tablespoons is enough) and crush them with a spoon and then mix them with the milk. Add the mixture at the next point in the preparation.Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix with a spoon until no dry flour is visible. Cover and let stand 1 hour.
  • Turn the dough out onto a floured worktop, form a rectangle with the dough and roll up on itself and place in a suitable greased pan, press down, cover and let rise until (almost) doubled in size (as I made this bread in the summer one more hour was enough)

  • Paint with milk, sprinkle seeds and bake in a preheated oven at 180º for approximately 55 minutes or until a probe thermometer puncturing the center of the breadcrumb reaches 95º or 100º, at which point we will be sure that the bread has a perfectly cooked crumb.

  • What if we don't have a thermometer? There is no other option but to do it by eye, but I recommend that you buy a thermometer when you can because they are very useful in the kitchen.

  • Since you are going to ask me, I will tell you that my thermometer is IT IS.
  • After baking, transfer to a wire rack and let cool.

How to preserve homemade sliced ​​bread? Slice the bread, leave a few slices in a plastic bag in the fridge to eat in the following days and the rest, freeze it sliced ​​and so you can take slice by slice and directly to the toaster or simply leave it at room temperature and it will be ready to eat. The flours used in this bread are from El Molino de Isabel except for the strength flour that is from El Molino del grandfather. How to make homemade sliced ​​bread without sourdough? Well, then you use 12 g of fresh baker's yeast or 4 g of dry baker's yeast, in total.

To enjoy!

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